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Technical Tips

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How can I increase the life and reliability of my computer monitor?

Cooling!  Monitors are just as sensitive to high tempuratures as any other computer hardware.  But, people want their monitors to be silent, so they are designed to cool themselves by natural convection.  This works pretty well for a few years, that is, until the warrenty expires.  In the old days of CRT monitors, I had good success adding fans to them, which in some cases "fixed" flakey monitors, and kept other monitors in service for many years past the warrenty period.  Here are some links to sites which discuss adding fans to flat-panel monitors, and pictures of my solution for adding external forced-air ventilation.

The site at this link shows the installation of a fan in an LCD monitor:


This site at this link addresses monitor cooling, and other computer cooling subjects:


Photos below of my monitor cooler:  I used the cardboard box for a keyboard, since it was about the right size for my 24" wide monitor.  You can use whatever materials you are comfortable working with, but you will have to customize the size and shape for you particular monitor. I used a centrifugal blower that I had obtained years ago for another project that fell through, but most any fan should do.  If using cardboard, use large washers for the nuts or boltheads.  I am using a variable DC power supply to control the speed of the 12VDC blower motor, but this is not really necessary.  You just have to choose the fan that gives the best air flow at a noise level you can live with.  Controlling the speed makes it easy to make that trade-off.

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