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The Best Little Computer Gaming LAN Party in Arizona!
WHAT: Now virtual/online!  Was:  LAN party and computer gaming at a Science Fiction Convention – video/console games, too!
WHEN:  November 13, 2020 (TusCon is November 14)
WHERE:  Now virtual/online! The venue is closed this year: Sheraton Tucson Hotel & SuitesTucson, Arizona
HOST:  TusCon 2020 is the 47th annual for this Science Fiction convention in Tucson, Arizona
NETWORK:  Now on your Internet connection!   
DETAILS:  Use the TUSLAN FAQ button, above.
Ground Rules, Liability Waiver and Parental Permission:  Please read the Ground Rules at the link.  This PDF document includes the liability waiver that all participants (except minors) will have to sign.  It also include the parental permission form required by TusCon to allow underage attendees to game on these computers. 
FaceBook:  Search "TusLAN at TusCon" on FaceBook and find the TusLAN public event!

Online virtual/online LAN party for 2020!  We will be organizing online multiuser computer games on the Internet, and  a chat server for personal interaction with the other players.

Please pre-register with the director of TusLAN (please pardon the anti-spam version of my email address - you should have no problem putting it back together):

Avery Davis
tuslan [at-sign] earthlink [dot] net

TusLAN has been held at TusCon since 2000.  For details, see the Tuslan FAQ at the tab, above.

TusLAN will feature Star Trek Bridge Crew with four VR headsets!

TusLAN will feature Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator
Here are the Artemis Tournament Rules
Next is a link to the spreadsheet to calculate the Artemis Tournament Score.
You might also find useful the Keyboard Cheat Sheets (thanks to Badgeguy on the Artemis Forums).
Also useful are the Artemis Key Bindings Charts

The room layout for 2020 is below. Some photos in the image gallery, below, depict  room layouts during prior TusLANs.  
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